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by anonymous

Hi, Just had some licences added by our reseller:

Although on the free trial I was able to get the devices to connect I'm now not having much luck. The monitoring tab doesn't seem to stay on / also why does it show the licence type as free?

BTW the port number should be 15000? On a Teltonkia youtube guide, I noticed it was on 15009?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


If you add a new device for the first time to the RMS it will always have a free license (1 month). So that is why you get license type: free.  If you will remove the routers from the RMS the free license will be void. And next time a paid license will be used.

For why it is not working. You could try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl + F5). Or using a different browser. I have 6 routers added with free licenses and they are working just fine.

Or you could try turning it on/off. Using Top control menu - see a screenshot.

You can always find the correct port in the WebUI of your router. System / Administration / RMS.

And the port is: 15009