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by anonymous
Como bloquear app tiktok en router teltonika 850, quisiera saber si alguien puede hacerlo y como. Gracias de antemano por su atencion.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


You could try the following:

  • RUT850 should be able to filter websites. Please check if you have a page in the WebUI Services -> Web Filter? It would allows to blacklist/whitelist defined addresses. Try blacklisting sites advertised in this page.
  • Alternatively, you can create firewall rules to block IP addresses listed in the above page. To create firewall rules go to Network -> Firewall -> Traffic rules. Create a custom forwarding rule:
    • From Source zone WAN to destination zone LAN;
    • Source IP address: IP addresses from the above link;
    • Action: Reject.

Alternatively, if you have a public IP address and an openDNS account, you can set custom DNS servers on your WAN interface in Network -> WAN page to:



Then map your account with the public IP address of your network and configure content filtering as instructed in the link above.

Best regards,