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by anonymous

My RUT240 regularly loses the LTE connection (Offline), sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes every 10 minutes. Sometimes the RTU is online for hours, sometimes offline for 10 hours. It automatically comes back online after hours.

 The problem has been persisting for a few weeks.

 I do not have a PING reboot function and have configured a reboot twice daily.

 I am planning to install a new radio link antenna, just would like to rule out if it is not a system or setup problem.

 Attached the Troubleshoot file I just downloaded from the device.

 Please provide me some support on this issue.

Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Signal metrics are indeed on the worse side, specifically SINR value, which during file generation, was -5 dB. It is a guaranteed disconnect, however, it might have been just a momentary hickup.

To determine, if the issue could be caused by poor signal quality, in router's WebUI Status -> Network -> Mobile you can monitor signal values. For reference, look up this page. 

By "I do not have a PING reboot function" do you mean that there is no Services -> Auto reboot -> Ping reboot page?

Also, could you update your device firmware to the latest 7.04, which you can download here with Keep settings option set to off and check, if the issue persists? Be aware, that this will delete your configuration.

Lastly, could you test connection quality using different LTE bands? Instructions on how to lock different bands are provided in this video. The bands to try are: B1, B3, B7 and B8.

Best regards,