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by anonymous
Is there a way to swap sim from firmware - like a button?  Only way I have found is to disable the interface of he sim I want to change from.

Sometimes I want to use the other sim if speed throttled or to test if connection is better.  I don`t use the RMS fyi.

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by anonymous


Yes, there are plenty of ways to swap the active sim without using RMS.

The first is by changing the default sim in the WebUI.

  • Login to the WebUI of your router.
  • Navigate to Network -> Mobile -> General
  • By default, Sim1 is the active default sim. You can navigate to Sim2, and toggle the Default Sim. (refer to the attached image)
  • Save & Apply

Second, is to access the CLI of the router via WebUI or SSH.

Lastly, you can utilize the Sim Switch function of the router.

  • Navigate to Network -> Mobile -> SIM Switch
  • Toggle the "Enable automatic switch
  • Check which parameters to test that will trigger the automatic sim switching. (on weak signal, no network, data connection fail, etc.)

You can refer to this link for more information regarding SIM switch function.

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