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by anonymous
Hi from Haast,

My RUTX11 has a cellular connection and the "company" that it belongs to has credits. However, the device is still not connecting to RMS. I have deregistered it and re-added it twice but with no success. I've also rebooted it several times, and on each occasion it has regained a connection to the cellular network and to connected devices.

In the process, I've spent three credits and since this is the only device registered to the company I expected them to be applied to this device. Service, Monitoring and Auto-Extend are all turned on, but in the RMS portal the device still shows up as "Not activated".

What else can I do to get RMS running again? I will have physical access to the device for about four hours tomorrow and will of course try connecting to it directly.

Thanks, J.

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by anonymous


It may be that the problem is related to some specific provider or region.

Could you login to the router via CLI/SSH and check, if you are able to receive connection, after executing the following command:

  • telnet 15009

  • telnet 15010

Otherwise, could you provide a serial number of the device?

Also, what firmware version is the device running? If it is not the latest 7.04, could you try an update?

Best regards,