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by anonymous

Is it possible to make an AP (on 5GHz) switch on when a WWAN connection (on 2.4GHz) comes up, and switch it off when the WWAN connection goes down?  I've seen which is similar, but I can't find the place in today's UI to put those ifup/ifdown commands.

To explain the purpose, I have a RUTX11 in my campervan and when it's parked on my driveway it connects to the home wifi and that becomes its WAN connection to save using mobile data.  If I'm sat in the campervan on the driveway, I connect my phone to the RUTX11's Wi-Fi because it gets a better connection to the home Wi-Fi than my phone does.  However, when I'm on the road, I don't want my phone/ using the RUTX11's mobile data, I want it to use its own data connection, because my phone SIM has far more data.  To force my phone to use its mobile connection for data in that circumstance it must disconnect from the RUTX11 AP.  (Of course I could manually disconnect my phone from Wi-Fi, but I forget to do that...)


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by anonymous


Just to recap: you want to use your home WiFi as a WAN source, when the campervan is parked stationary, and use mobile data, when you are on the road? 

Could you check if a simple failover configuration would not be enough?

Basically, configure your device as a wireless client. Login to router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Failover. Drag wireless client interface above mobile one to provide it with a higher metric value.

Additionally, edit settings for each WAN interface in the same Failover page and add the following:

Your home WiFi should become the preferred WAN interface each time it is available and all traffic should be routed through it. 

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thanks for your reply.  Failover is working fine.  What I want is to have the Wi-Fi AP switch off when the WWAN connection is not available, so that my phone doesn't use the router's mobile data, but the router itself remains connected while away from home.