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Hello. We have created a vlan on a rutx12 and assigned ports 1,2,3 to that vlan. Port 4 and the WiFi is on the original lan. On the vlan is an ip camera with a static Ip address within the Ip range of that vlan. We can access that camera from devices connected to that lan range ok. What we want to do is be able to connect to that ip camera from the a device connected to the WiFi on the dhcp range of the lan. What are the steps ?

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by anonymous


By default, you add VLANs to your LAN firewall zone and hosts on different VLANs should be able to communicate. In case you added your VLAN to a different firewall zone, then, you need to allow communication from one zone to another. The Wi-Fi and the default LAN are under the same logical interface 'br-lan' and thus, they are on the same subnet.

I suggest you take a look at our wiki page here as it describes the inter-zone accessibility when using VLANs. If you follow the instructions there, you should be able to configure inter-zone communication the way you want.

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