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by anonymous
Hi. We got a TRB140, latest fw version 00.07.04. When we send an sms command (like status or reboot) the message arrives no problem, it's status is read, but the command never executes (it doesn't answer the status nor performs the reboot and no rule event is logged).

So far we've tested:

- Disabling and re-enabling the SMS util service  
- The SIM and we can send SMS no problem (even from the TRB140 webui)

- Tested adding different SMS rule configurations -> No auth, serial auth, custom password and device password auth; from all numbers or from a single number.

- Deleting SMS in storage (when it got full, because again, the sms do reach the device)

- Changing SMS storage to SIM and Device memory.

Any support would be really apreciated

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Are you able to send SMS messages from the device Services -> Mobile utilities -> Messages page?

I would also like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue by sending a couple of status SMS to the router, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. The logs in the file might provide more insight into the issue.

Attached files are private and visible only to Teltonika Moderators.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Yes, I'm able to send messages from the mobile utilities. Also, it shows the messages sent to the TRB, it just doesn't execute the commands. Attaching the requested file.

by anonymous

The logs do not show any received SMS, before troubleshoot file was generated.

Did you send any messages to the device?

Otherwise, could you do the following:

  • Login to the router via CLI/SSH (for available approaches refer here);
  • Execute the command below:
    • logread -f
  • Send, for example, status SMS to the device;
  • See if any messages are generated in the terminal window and post them here.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Indeed. Executed the command, then sent/received sms and it shows nothing on the log. While on the WEBui screens shows the messages (attaching image). 

Seems like the rutOS is not comunicating right and doesn't pass the SMS's. Later today I'll check if we can perform a factory reset and / or a firmware downgrade. If you have any other suggestion, I could try it as well.

WebUI image:

by anonymous
I am having the same issue you are describing here. Nothing is being displayed on the logread -f command  after sending an SMS - but the SMS is appearing on the Services - Mobile Utilities - Messages page.

This feature is working on a TRB140 on v00.07.01.2 - Not working on v00.07.3.4
by anonymous
After pulling my hair out over this, and a lot of experimentation, I used up all the (deliberately low) data allowance on the sim card in the device, and then replaced it with a new sim card (same sim provider) and suddenly my SMS commands were working again. The M2M sims were setup in the same way, and the 3rd party sim management portal doesn't show any differences between the working and non-working sim, but hopefully this may help angelrod147 or anyone else who may be reading this.