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by anonymous

I experience many bugs with my RUT955 :/

First of them, it's impossible to upgrade in firmware 07.0x.
I tried to reset my RUT955 and apply the RUT9_R_00.07.04_WEBUI.bin file, but I have a "checksum" error.
I have this problem with two files firmware, all downloaded from official link :
Of course, I checked checksum and all are ok, so that's a "generic" error message ...

So I used 06.0x firmware, but I'm sure 07 can work, since it was ok in server update before I resewed my RUT955 ...

Second one, big problem, my services are unstable ....
My mobile connection restart every minute, and my wireless network disappear without any reason ...
I checked many times my settings and used the most simple one, but still unstable ...

Third one, perhaps in relation with the first and second one, serial number and product code isn't recognized by the interface ...
I have blank information, but when I before reset it was ok, and I was able to use RMS service.

I don't know if I'm in an individual problem or if it's something known, but since I resewed my device because of an admin interface problem, and since this point I'm now clearly annoyed with various bugs.

So now, I don't know if we can do something to fix it, or if it's a hardware problem ...

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by anonymous

It appears that one of your device's internal files got corrupted.

In order to restore it we would need to arrange a remote via Teamviewer/AnyDesk.

Could you send the serial number of the device in a private message?

Best regards,