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by anonymous
For some unknown reason after one of the latest upgrades my Rutx09 doesn't know anymore how carrier aggregation works. But even worse, although my Wittenberg Lat 56 Duo is perfectly directed at a tower having B1, B3 and B20 bands antennas (Germany, o2), it mostly uses a B20 tower far away. Selecting B1 only sometimes works, sometimes the Rutx09 is not finding ANY B1 antenna, although there are more than one. Also auto selection doesn't make a difference. I downgraded and also upgraded already without using existing configurations, which didn't make a difference.

What's also interesting, my logs go back to 2020, which means I got almost 500 pages logs. Unfortunately I can't find a point in GUI to delete them.

Help really appreciated, it worked perfectly before (probably new modem firmware with the latest updates?).

Thanks in advance.


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by anonymous



The logs should not be causing any issues in this case.

If I understand correctly, your RUTX09 does not perform carrier aggregation and only rarely connects to other bands than B20.

I'd like you to update to the latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.04.1 at the moment), connect to the device using CLI (username is root), and run this command:

gsmctl -K

gsmctl -I

Then wait a few minutes, and run the gsmctl -I command again, repeating it once every few minutes for around 10 minutes. Paste the output into a .txt file and attach it to the original post.

I'd also like you to navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and generate a troubleshoot file. This file can also be attached to the original post and will also be visible only to Teltonika moderators. This will provide me with some more signal parameters.

It could be the case, that the cell tower is simply overloaded, thus your RUTX09 simply uses a tower with less load. If this is the case, we will be able to force the router to connect to a selected tower.


Best regards,

by anonymous

Could you paste the exact command used for locking to a cell?

Best regards,
by anonymous
I used the command from the wiki.

gsmctl -A 'AT+QNWLOCK="common/lte",2,1234,567'

while I used the correct values (tried both, the one I was shown in console and directly from cellmapper).

Funny side note, when I was lying in the bed last night, I had wifi disabled and the phone connected to the B8 cell of the tower I wasn't able to manage to connect the Rutx09 to the B20 cell.
by anonymous
I will message you via a private message.
by anonymous

Upgraded modem firmware, which didn't work by doing it directly from usb, so I used WinSCP to copy files to /tmp on device which made me successfully do the upgrade. Unfortunately, this didn't solve my problem.

Today, I was playing around a bit and it seems like it's a problem with the antennas. If I have connected both antennas, it won't find the tower I want to reach. If I connect only one of the antennas together with one of the included antennas, it instantly works. No clue what the problem is if both LAT56 are connected, especially because it doesn't matter which one I use.

Was happy too early. Same happens again now, connecting to different tower again with poor speeds and no carrier aggregation...
by anonymous
Another update here.

If I restart the modem, it's always connecting to the last cell.

But if I reboot the whole Router, after reboot it connects to the cells I want it to connect and carrier aggregation also works then. That's quite a strange behaviour.