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by anonymous

I'm working on the RUT995 and I'm trying to filter certain websites (e.g. based on a users Mac address.

Thanks in advanced.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Domains listed in Web Filter affect the whole device. Limiting the list to a few MAC addresses is not available.

Mac filtering can be done using firewall's traffic rules, however this is limited to specific IP addresses and considering that facebook has numerous and changing IP addresses, this is not a viable solution.

There is a feature in development at the moment to apply web filter for a separate device interface (LAN, WiFi, Hotspot), which should be included in 7.05 firmware release.

Best regards,

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by anonymous
You can do MAC-based filtering using firewall rules. But only for IPs, so you need to pre-determine the relevant IPs, or re-evaluate them regularly, because for facebook, google etc. they change on regular basis.

The real method to do MAC-based filtering, taking into consideration domain names, is the usage of a proxy, i.g. squid proxy, running on the RUT955.

All this can be much easier be implemented on a RUT955, running official openwrt, instead of Teltonikas stuff.