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by anonymous
Dear Support,

since one week the RMS Teltonika is very slow or I got user request error.
Any other users with the same problem?

BR, Tifoso
by anonymous
These repeating issues regarding RMS were one of the reasons, to get rid of it and to implement custom remote config, using mqtt.

Such issues are not to be tolerated in a large fleet of RUT955s, used in commercial applications.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
We have the same issue here from Italy, especially today is very slow. In certain moments it's very hard to operate this way.

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by anonymous

There is indeed an ongoing issue, where certain connections to RMS are experiencing very slow service, when the page and its separate components take a long time to load.

The cause of it is not clear at the moment. RMS team is aware about it and finding a solution as well as preventing it from happening in the future is a top priority assignment.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Best regards,