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by anonymous

I'm currently using Teltonika RUTX11 with FW Version: RUTX_R_00.07.04.1 on NVIDIA Xavier AGX. The RUTX11 is connected to an access point using WiFi and Xavier is connected to the RUTX11 via LAN. There is another desktop connected to the same Access Point. So technically, all the devices are on the same network. I can reach the devices via Internet but the devices are not communicating with each other internally.

If I do "sudo arp-scan -l" on Xavier I can see the desktop IP address. For example, and if I do "sudo arp-scan -l" on desktop I can see the Xavier IP address, for example But when I do "ping" or "ping" it says device unreachable. Sometimes I can reach the device and sometimes I can't reach the device. This issue I'm noticing after FW update. Before it was using FW version RUTX_R_00.02.06.

Could you please give some insight if any kind of settings I need to change?

Thanks and Regards

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by anonymous


Do I understand correctly:

  • RUTX11 has a LAN subnet of and Xavier is connected to RUTX;
  • RUTX11 is a client to another access point, which also has a subnet of; 
  • That access point has a laptop connected to its LAN.

If that is the case, there might simply be a routing/IP conflict, as RUTX11 LAN and wireless WAN interfaces should be separated in different subnets.

If you want your Xavier to be within the same broadcast domain, you would need to configure RUTX11 to relay DHCP from the other access point. For instructions, please refer to this Wiki page.

Best regards,

by anonymous
After disabling DHCP, I cant reach the landing page of the router.

Initially to enter the landing page the IP was After I disabled the DHCP as mentioned in the Wiki, the Ip is not valid anymore. I did "ifconfig" now my IP changed from to When I did "sudo arp-scan -l" I can see the Teltonika router with IP of I tried this IP address to enter the landing page but it failed.

Could you please give some insight?

Thanks and regards
by anonymous
Apologies for the late reply.

A topology diagram of your network with IP addresses would help to better understand your situation, as I may have misunderstood the interconnection of the devices and it is not quite clear, where does the 192.168.20.x subnet come from.

Best regards,