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by anonymous
Can i please get assistance with setting up a guest wifi with no password needed but forwards the user to a certain URL once they join the wifi name.

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by anonymous


On Teltonika devices there is a Hotspot service, which can be accessed by going to Network -> Hotspot. If it is not available, you might need to download an additional software package. Just go to Services -> Package manager and add Hotspot.

Once you have entered Hotspot configuration section, here is how to configure it:

  • Select Wi – Fi interface you want to use for hotspot and press Add;
  • To be able to enable the hotspot instance, you might need to create Local users, who can connect to the hotspot or select a different Authentication mode, such as MAC auth;
  • Make sure Hotspot uses different subnet than your LAN.
  • You can setup hotspot password, users group;
  • Set Landing page option to External and enter your details;
  • Once done, press Save & apply;
  • Now go to Network -> Wireless and press pencil icon next to the interface you have selected for your Hotspot to enter editing window;
  • In Network line, select No network;
  • Switch to Wireless security tab and set Encryption option to No encryption.
  • Press Save & apply;

Hotspot configuration details are provided in the link below:   

Best regards,

by anonymous
Hi Zygi,

Thanks for the response, is there a way to set it up as an open wifi without user authentication. But with a wifi connection landing page of the desired url. As if its like a splash page but redirecting to a chosen web page without username or password needed to join.

by anonymous

Authentication mode as MAC auth, and Landing page option to External, users should be able to join without authentication requirements and forwarded to the pre-configured landing page.

Best regards,