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by anonymous
Hi Support,

in the new RMS I have the possibility to change the monitoring settings. In our tenant default values are
- Dynamic monitoring = 5min
- Static monitoring = 30days

With bulk operation I can change this setting to already added devices to the RMS.
Question: New devices should be added with the new monitoring settings. How I can change the settings in my tenant?

BR, Tifoso

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Do I understand correctly: you want newly added devices to have different monitoring update period settings already preconfigured, rather than default values of Dynamic monitoring every 5 minutes and Static monitoring every 15 days?

If that is the case, then there is no way to change the default values, before adding the device.

If you could provide a more detailed description of your use case, I could forward a suggestion to RMS team to consider implementing it in the future.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Dear Support,

thank you for your help.

use case:
I thought that the settings for dynamic monitoring also affect the alerting feature. I still search a feature or setting to define the delay of the alerting. Example: I would like to set thresholds to postpone the email alerting if a router is offline or online.

BR; Tifoso
by anonymous
Thank you.

I have submitted the suggestion to the developers.

Best regards,