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by anonymous

I have a problem with RUTX50 & RUTX_R_00.07.04.1 and IPSec tunnel. Local subnet is and remote subnet is (ANY). Remote firewall is XG Sophos.

After creating an IPSEC tunnel dies LAN interface. Ethernet link is up but I can't ping or WebGUI access LAN interface. But from remote side of IPSec tunnel (XG Sophos) ping and WebGUI working fine.

I found a solution. In IPSEC TUNNEL CONFIGURATION > Advanced settings I set "Passthrough interfaces: lan" and LAN interface came alive again. Is this the correct setting? I do not think that it should behave like this.

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by anonymous


Your solution is correct.

What likely happens, when remote subnet is set to, is that any packet entering RUT's LAN is immediately encapsulated with IPsec headers and attempted to forward through the IPsec tunnel.

This is resolved, when LAN is set as a passthrough interface.

Alternatively, in RUT IPsec configuration you could simply enable Default route option. This should also equivalent to as a remote subnet and LAN set as passthrough interface.

Best regards,

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by anonymous

Thank you for answer. But it is very special behavior to influence anything in L2 (/24 LAN) that uses only ARP without any routing via L3 interface because the locally connected network is more priority than and no routing occurs. So there should be no encapsulation to IPSec.
by anonymous
That would be an intuitive way to think.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the exact mechanism of the behavior caused by settings as a remote network. It is just an assumption. I just wanted to inform that your solution is right and approved by the developers. Passthrough interface option was included due to other clients encountering your issue a few years ago.

Best regards,
by anonymous
OK I understand.

Best regards