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by anonymous

Good morning Teltonika,

Please can you review the attached file for my RTU 951 and advise if you can see any issues. In the past week the mobile data speed has dramitcaly decreased and I feel I constantly swapping between 2 sim cards to maintain a signal.  I'm using the router attached to an external aerial and the signal is usually good. I have conducted both firmware and modem updates in the last 7 days and nothing has improved the connectivity. Signal strength is around -50db, and the download speed is in the kbps rather than Mb/s.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Despite most of the signal metrics being serviceable, signal to noise and interference ratio value is poor, around the disconnection limit. This would indicate that you are located in there are some noises of interference. It could be other signals operating in nearby frequencies, for example, interference from the same or adjacent frequency bands due to multiple users communicating in the same frequency band, or multiple cells using the same frequency band in the same area, some external electrical equipment or atmospheric disturbances. This might also be related to changes in your provider's network as well. 

What you could do is to try using a different LTE band. For instructions, on how to lock a specific LTE band, refer here. The bands to try are: B1 and B3.

See if that gives any improvement.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for the response. Prior to you email I conifigured the router to the country settings:

KSA, Mobily + STC

GSM 900 and 1800 selected

UMTS B1 (2100)

LTE Band: B3 + B28 (I'm experimenting with B28).

They also use B40 band which I though was part of the RTU 951 Router/ Modem. I do not see this as an available band to select.

I'm using the router in a marine environment and the signal strength can vary, hence the interference you mentioned causing an issue. By manually selecting the bands I have a more stable signal.

Please advise.


by anonymous

At least at the time of file generation, the LTE band selected by your device was 20, which had very low SINR. Guess changing it provided the improvement.

LTE band 40 is simply not supported by the modem module within your router, this is a hardware limitation. The only workaround is to get a different model of RUT951 with product codes RUT951 1***** or RUT951 2*****.

Considering the changing radio environment conditions of your case, experimentation with manual settings is the best way to find the most suitable solution.

Best regards,