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by anonymous

I have been trying to connect my TRB145 to HiveMQ Cloud but I'm not getting anything through. FW TRB1_R_00.07.04.1

I'm trying to get Modbus data from serial port to mqtt with both data to server and mqtt gateway. Data to server for periodic data collection and mqtt gateway for issuing commands to modbus device.

By the way, it took me a looooong while to figure out that data to server will send the data collected and buffered by Modbus TCP Master. The interaction between the different parts could be better documented...

So far I have managed to get serial port hooked up to Modbus TCP master and I can get responses from the device. I have also gotten the data to flespi following other Teltonika instructions with both mqtt gateway and data to server.

I got the HiveMQ cloud authentication working by using letsencrypt root certificate in the CA file field in data to server TLS settings.

HiveMQ Cloud server cert I got following the instructions in the link did not work.

Now I'm trying to do the same with mqtt gateway. The UI is bit different in data to server and mqtt gateway, but in my mind I'm entering the exact same things.

It just won't work
by anonymous
We are trying to get RPC working on RUT955 from ThingsBoard dashboard

We have IoT -> TB telemetry working - both using JSON and MQTT
(I am still confused about the difference...  It seems that JSON is still involved even when using MQTT)
We have had no luck - or even error messages so far...
I am not clear on the details of using MQTT Gateway vs non Gateway
Typically "gateway" implies that some protocol is passed through to another device with then actually

executes/processes the protocol.
Does MQTT Gateway on RUT955 imply that the actual MQTT is processed on the IoT device ?
Usually our only connection to the devices is either Modbus RTU or TCP

Is the RPC stuff super bleeding-edge ? or fully integrated  ?
Any tips/tricks
Our latest call with a Teltonika expert resulted in no immediate answers - an undertaking to look into it

and try to figure something out...

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by anonymous


I've tried to replicate your scenario and have encountered the same issue. The issue is likely caused by the fact that HiveMQ cloud uses TLS without any certificates on the client side or, optionally, with a CA file. However, the MQTT Gateway service specifically uses all three files when TLS is enabled. Those are CA.cert and .key files. The R&D team is already informed about this issue with certificates when using MQTT Gateway. Currently, the plan is to include a fix with the 7.5 firmware version. Unfortunately, there are no known dates when this version will be released.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, I will send you a private message.

Kind Regards,