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by anonymous


I've installed router RUT240 with an IOT data plan such as 500mo/month. The RMS VPN is very interesting since we're billed at data usage. In order to minimise data usage and cost, I've disabled the "Device Monitoring" and the "Auto Extend" features.

I've installed on client site 5 RUT240 device the 2023-04-05 and everything was working fine until the 2023-04-07 morning. One sites disconnected. I went on-site and the device won't connect to the RMS platform with the error "Failure (Device monitor is turned off)".

Every other devices (4) are working with the device monitoring feature turns off.


  1. Do the Device monitoring feature been mandatory for the VPN hub to work ?
  2. Why does other device still working without the Device monitoring feature turned on ?
I've attached the troubleshooting files. 

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by anonymous


The notification message next to Monitoring switch in RMS web site informs that the device will appear offline with Monitoring disabled.

I have checked the RMS and see that there are four related devices to the one you have provided the troubleshoot file from and all of them have Monitoring enabled. Do they actually work with Monitoring disabled?

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