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by anonymous
I want to access the hosts connected to my RUTX11 on ethernet or wifi from my remote Mac client using wireguard. Probably I am not configuring wireguard correctly. Have not been able to find a good guide when I want ot use the regular Mac wireguard client to connect to the RUTX11 to gain access to the hosts connected to the RUTX11.

Have tried searching and testing some recommendations found here. But not found any good guide when using the macos wireguard client to connect to the RUTX11. Not sure what is causing the issue. The RUTX11 is running the latest firmware and I am running the lastest Wireguard client on my Mac.

I am connecting remotely to the RUTX11 using the ddns name so at least I know that the ddns from is working.

lan network on RUTX11:
Wireguard network: ( for the RUTX11 and for the Mac wireguard client)

Do I need to do anything else to get wireguard to work or what have I messed up in the configuration?
by anonymous
PS: Sorry for the double post, got a cloudflare error message when posting the first time

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by anonymous


Check the Allowed IPs fields on both sides:

  • on the Mac set it to +
  • on the RUTX set it to + the lan IP address of the Mac, and set Route Allowed IPs
  •  check the MTU of the wg interfaces on both sides, be sure to be less than or equal to 1420


Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks a lot @flebourse

That was a quick reply. Set the MTU on the RUTX and added the networks to allowed IP's on both the RUTX11 and the mac client. this solved the issues. Didn't find any way to set the MTU on the mac client but it worked when adding the to the allowed ip's.