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by anonymous

we have a TRB140 we want to connect usb flash drive and make the TRB140 store some data on the usb with a script as a data logger. we already done that with our RUT955 but we see that the TRB14x does not support data transfer over their micro usb port. is there any way to make the TRB140 access the usb and put data in it ? can we disable the USB tethering and make the file transfer works or even assign an IP to the USB drive (I don't know if these are valid options)


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by anonymous


The USB port on TRB140 cannot be used to attach external storage. When connected to some host device via USB, TRB140 acts as a virtual network interface, basically, providing a virtual Ethernet link. 

USB connection can also be used for firmware update or device recovery via Fastboot communications protocol. 

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by anonymous
so there is no way to make it read the USB drive ?

Is there a way to connect this usb drive over the RS485 in the TRB145 or it will also not work ?
by anonymous
Unfortunately, there is no way to connect external USB to TRB devices.