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by anonymous
Have a RUT950 have updated firmware to latest version (RUTxx_R_00.06.02)

I am unable to get it to update, the settings aren't exactly complicated and have checked and rechecked the username and password. The settings are saved ok, but it just won't update the status. I have factory reset it, and the source is public. ( I have nearly a dozen of these deployed now with the same settings, at a bit of a loss as to what the issue could be.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you add screenshot with your DDNS settings? Private details can be marked, not necessary.
Best answer
by anonymous

Hi Thanks for prompt response. Screen shot attached.

by anonymous

Thank you for details. We tried with latest release:

And seems working correctly:

by anonymous
Seems I need to force it to WAN2 now if I am using SIM card. This has changed since previous versions of the firmware.