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by anonymous
I lost my remote web UI access to my RUTX11 after I enabled DMZ for one of my devices. The device had a port forward set in the RUTX11 and perhaps I should have disabled the port forward before enabling DMZ. Could this have caused me losing my remote web UI?

My RUTX11 is set to reboot every 24 hours, but the reboot yesterday did not bring back my remote web UI access.

Everything else is working just fine and I am able to remotely access to all my devices behind the RUTX11.

My main question: If I travel to the remote site, will I be able to gain web UI access when I connect to the RUTX11 locally?


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by anonymous

I have tried to replicate your scenario: enabled remote HTTPS access, configured port forwarding to a LAN device and DMZ for that same device, but the router remained accessible, which makes it difficult to tell, what could have caused it, and, if you could even access it locally.

Are you able to send SMS to your device? Some configuration changes could be attempted via SMS.

Do you have the router added to RMS? Maybe it would be accessible via the platform. You could try to add it to the system, if it has not been added before, as each new device gets a month's worth of service. This might allow for a remote recovery.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Thanks for the prompt reply!

Unfortunately, I have no SMS in the data plan / SIM card.

I've never added the RUTX11 to RMS. Now it could come handy.