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by anonymous


Is it possible to use Data Filtering option so that i can send selected data from MBUS when using protcol HTTPS 

Example i need only :    <DataRecord id="4">  + <DataRecord id="5">

I noticed that there are limit for sending out  60 byte header + 2047 byte data + it will make everyday traffic very large to 

send complete MBUS data over XML.

Or it is possible to add filter already to MBUS reading side like example Intensis Gateway having . 

No point to read daily example : <Manufacturer>SIE</Manufacturer> and many other data. 

Most cases needed 2 or max 4 values . 

1 Answer

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by anonymous



There is an option to filter by M-Bus record name.

This can be done in the Data to Server instance, by changing the Data filtering option from All data to Matched names. This way only the needed records can be sent. This will require separate Data to Server instances for each record.

An alternative could be to use Unmatched names, which should discard any data that is matched by the filter.

Let me know if any more help is needed!


Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you . 

I did not get working filter i would like to send only DataRecord id="4"> . 

How to make Data Filter . Any samples ? 


by anonymous

Could you attach the full string that you are receiving from the slave device? If can be pasted into a .txt file and attached to the original question. IT will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Below is complete string from reading MBUS device what is actualy Electric meter and single fase + 1 tariff.

Needed data is located in DataRecord id="3" and  Value>9368


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <MBusData> <SlaveInformation> <Id>90140</Id> <Manufacturer>ECS</Manufacturer> <Version>16</Version>

<ProductName></ProductName> <Medium>Electricity</Medium> <AccessNumber>9</AccessNumber> <Status>00</Status> <Signature>0000</Signature> </SlaveInformation>

<DataRecord id="0"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>Parameter set identification</Unit> <Value>9455513667595</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="1"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>Energy (100 Wh)</Unit> <Value>9368</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="2"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Tariff>0</Tariff> <Device>2</Device> <Unit>Energy (100 Wh)</Unit> <Value>0</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="3"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Tariff>1</Tariff> <Device>0</Device> <Unit>Energy (100 Wh)</Unit> <Value>9368</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="4"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Tariff>2</Tariff> <Device>0</Device> <Unit>Energy (100 Wh)</Unit> <Value>0</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="5"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Tariff>1</Tariff> <Device>2</Device> <Unit>Energy (100 Wh)</Unit> <Value>0</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="6"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Tariff>2</Tariff> <Device>2</Device> <Unit>Energy (100 Wh)</Unit> <Value>0</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="7"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>Power (W)</Unit> <Value>114</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="8"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Tariff>0</Tariff> <Device>2</Device> <Unit>Power (W)</Unit> <Value>-24</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="9"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>1e-1 V</Unit> <Value>2360</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="10"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>m A</Unit> <Value>839</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="11"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>Manufacturer specific</Unit> <Value>1</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="12"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>Error flags</Unit> <Value>0</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>

<DataRecord id="13"> <Function>Instantaneous value</Function> <StorageNumber>0</StorageNumber> <Unit>Model / Version</Unit> <Value>ECS_368M</Value> <Timestamp>2023-04-09T17:38:15Z</Timestamp> </DataRecord>


by anonymous



I don't have an M-Bus device to test at the moment, and it might take some time for me to get one.

Could you try using the Manufacturer value in the matched names section and see if it works? The functionality might be having issues with the quote (") symbols, so to verify it please try filtering the manufacturer tag and see if it works.

Thank you for your patience.


Best regards,

by anonymous
I also have this problem, I tried to use the Data filtering without result.

Regards Timi
by anonymous
Hello @Timi,


I will send you a private message.


Best regards,