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by anonymous
RUTX50 problem, I am triying to login to the Teltonica login screen via IP

I am connected to my laptop via Ethernet cable.

The laptop has internet connection via the router (I disabled wifi and cellular).

When I try to connect in the browser via the above mentioned Ip-adress, I receive a time out warning, so the router is not reachable?

The reason I want to reach the router is because my ipad pro receives a security warning because of old WAP protocol, has to be changed to WAP3, maybe you can explain how to do this also. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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by anonymous


Could you open Command prompt on your laptop (or some other command line interpreter, if it is not a Windows machine) and try pinging Are you receiving any reply?

If not, could you enter ipconfig command, to check IP address assigned to your laptop's ethernet interface and default gateway. This will either show that no DHCP is given by the router, or will list the subnet and address the router can be reached by.

In case your laptop has no address leased, simply reset the device to factory default settings by holding the reset button for 12 - 20 seconds on the front facing device plate.

To configure wireless encryption to WPA3, once logged in to router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Wireless. Open either 2.4 or 5GHz interface settings, switch to Wireless security tab and set Encryption option to WPA3-SAE

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by anonymous

išspręsta, ačiū už gerą pagalbą

you fixed it, tx

greetings from Flanders