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by anonymous

We have changed our sim provider as they offer a VPN service with the sim cards.  Each sim has its own private IP which we use openvpn to connect to and can access the remote device.

What setting in the Teltonkia do we need to set to allow access.  I can get the login page to load through the vpn but get following error (see image) also have images below with settings.

TCPdump added.

logread-f CLI Image added (Capture3)

Service Provider is Onomondo The global IoT connectivity stack - Onomondo

Capture4 - https unable to login & ssh - can login using root&password but unable to login using admin&password

I can confirm this is still an issue,  Please see latest log file.

The APN settings are set to onomondo but still fails to login.

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by anonymous


Since you were able to reach the login page, it does not seem to be a firewall issue, but just in case, could you ask your provider if no additional ports are needed to be open on router's firewall, in order to proceed with the connection?

Are you able to login to the device locally?

For troubleshooting, could you login to the device via SSH, execute command below and then try to login from mobile WAN? Check, if login attempts do not generate any log entries?

  • logread -f

For additional details, could you download TCPdump from router's WebUI Services -> Package manager -> Packages page and enable TCP dump monitoring in System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot page, specifying wwan0 (mob1s1a1_4) interface? Try a few login attempts from your mobile network to generate some traffic. Download capture file from the same Troubleshoot page and attach it by editing your question.

Lastly, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks updated the above.

Service Provider Onomondo The global IoT connectivity stack - Onomondo

by anonymous
Thank you.

Could you attach a troubleshoot file as well?

Also, could you tell the provider of your mobile service?
by anonymous
Were the log/TCPDump ok?

Any news on this?
by anonymous
The files are ok, thank you, though no solution at the moment, why login attempts are rejected.

Could you check, if the same happens with remote HTTPS and SSH connections?

Best regards,
by anonymous
Any news on this?
by anonymous



Sorry for the delay.

It seems like the real issue here is with the mobile connection.

From the information provided in the linked ISP site, the APN to use with this SIM should be onomondo, while on your device yesinternet is set. APN can be changed by navigating to Network → Interfaces → edit the mob1s1a1 interface → Disable the Auto APN → In the Custom APN field set the correct APN.

Make sure the device connects to the carrier on the Overview page. If the issue persists, please generate a new Troubleshoot file. Thank you!


Best regards,

by anonymous
Please see updated log