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by anonymous

I have a problem regarding the NTRIP connection.

I already installed the newest firmware and I am using the SAPOS correction data service, located in Germany. After adding my credentials (Login, PW, IP, Port, ...) to the NTRIP settings window I rebooted the modem. Unfortunately I didn't get any correction messages, so I checked the service via ssh using the command  /usr/sbin/ntrip_client -d /dev/rs232. 

What I have seen so far:

  1. The NTRIP service takes a GPGGA message from the GPS receiver, computes the checksum etc. and hands it over to SAPOS service
  2. Thats it - no correction data in return - but the process is still running and hands new GPGGA messages over to SAPOS as soon as they arrive 

If I restart the service a few times using the command /usr/sbin/ntrip_client -d /dev/rs232, then finally everythings starts working fine and I receive the corretion data. But when I restart the modem, its just like before and I have to retry unless its working (4..5 times).

I checked my credentials as well as the SAPOS service with serveral other tools and I have no problems to connect during the first run. So I guess the bug is part of the TRB142 NTRIP service.

The first screenshot shows the situtation, when everythings running fine (after serveral restarts) using a predefined GPGGA sentence

A quick hack might be to run a script using crontab which restarts the process unless I get the message 'symbols attempted ...'.

Any suggestions how to proceed...?

Another bug:

Furthermore I found another bug. Check the other image. I added static longitude and latitude values to the NTRIP service (check line 3&4), but the generated GPGGA string has an incorrect longitude value. Seems to the the latitute value divided by 10.

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by anonymous


I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate your configuration, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. 

I would like to take it to consult the developers.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for your fast reply. I added the troubleshoot file to my question.
by anonymous
Thank you for the details. I have forwarded them to the development team to look into further.

Once there are updates, I will post them here.

Best regards,