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by anonymous
I am using a RUTX11 router. The internet works perfectly in the Netherlands, but in France  no internet i'm using a T-mobile sim card. Router does connect to telecom provider in France  but no internet.  Roaming is on.

I put sim card in Iphone and everything works also internet for abroad. SIM card put back in router but no internet, Tried APN settings on auto and manual and entered the correct data from T-mobile. In what is going wrong here.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The logs indicate that either the SIM is not inserted, or the modem is hung up and it does not appear to be connected to any operator.

I also see that Network -> Mobile -> Operator networks has manual operator setting. Could you change it to Auto?

In addition, could you try updating your device's firmware to 7.04.1, which can be downloaded here. If possible, update with Keep settings option set to off, but keep in mind that this will clear your configuration.

Best regards,

by anonymous

despite the support of the helpdesk, the internet still does not work.

Already done:

  • updated firmware installed
  • reinstalled everything.
  • SIM card works well: SMS works
  • Sim card in phone -> internet works 
  • Modem restarted several times
  • APN tried every possible way auto/auto manual/ manual
  • APN set the same as on Iphone (sim card is from the same provider

Starting to get pretty frustrating