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by anonymous

I have a couple of RUTX11 modems and I'm wondering if it's possible to increase the accuracy of the onboard GPS receiver by setting up NTRIP correction data for the onboard GPS receiver (not through USB or serial port).

I installed the NTRIP package through the package manager, but I have to input a device to continue. Is there some way to let the device be the internal GPS receiver?

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by anonymous

To answer briefly, unfortunately, there is no way to let the input device be the router's internal GPS receiver.

The way NTRIP client functionality in the router works is by simply forwarding RTC data received from an NTRIP Caster to the devices connected over serial line. In fact, router's GPS is not even needed for the NTRIP client to work.

Only GPGGA NMEA string can be obtained from the router's GPS, as, in most cases, it is mandatory in order to initiate communication with the server.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Ok that is unfortunate!

Do you know of any way to get a fix of 4 (rtk float) in a GPGGA string obtained from the internal gps?
by anonymous
I have checked general and GNSS related AT commands manuals for EG06 modem, but did not find any reference to the possibility of configuring RTK fix type, or anything related to RTK fix types them, thus, I assume, it is not possible.

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