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by anonymous


I have recently installed a RUTX50 Router onboard a roaming structure, being a ship, using four Poynting antennas being Omni – 493s

I have a problem in which the router / modem performs poorly on any LTE band (have not tested 5G yet) when the signal strength improves to roughly 65 or above (eg 65/55/45 etc)

I originally thought this issue was related to LTE band 28 only, however have now observed the same issue on Band 3.

When the signal strength improves, the signal to noise deteriorates to the point where the modem can no longer function.

If we move further offshore and the signal strength decreases to around 70/80, then we usually get a signal to noise which is acceptable for reasonable data throughput, but as soon as the signal strength improves when getting closer to a tower the signal to noise deteriorates again to a point where the data connection is not usable.

The carrier we are using is Australia – Telstra

Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing something similar?

by anonymous
I'm just going to wait and see if the situation improves with modem firmware updates, router firmware updates and also the roll out of 5G 850mhz and 3500 mhz in the coastal area / region over the next year.
by anonymous
This seems to he happening with all bands.

Why is it that signal to noise worsens to the point the modem does not function when signal strength increases?

I've disabled band 28 but now the same issue happening on band 3

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by anonymous
Not sure if this is the issue, but could someone please kindly provide me with in instructions on how to attempt to "trick" the mobile network operator into not detecting multiple devices behind the router in the event that perhaps it is also throttling the connection?
by anonymous

I've zero experience with offshore comms, and I'm pretty sure my reply will not fix your SNR issue ... but the 'masking multiple devices behind router' trick you might be looking for is TTL: See the forum post here:

Just as a thought experiment – does only using 2 antennas (not 4) improve or worsen your SNR?

by anonymous
Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I'm not actually on the vessel to physically disconnect two antennas at the moment.

It's very strange, was definitely expecting better from the router modem, I might install the RUT950 back again until 5G becomes more dominate in the area and hopefully gives teletonika etc time to improve things.

I don't understand why having a weaker signal strength is required to have them modem function properly.
by anonymous

Are you familiar with the gsmctl (modem) commands?

I'm not on a boat, nor affected by SNR par se, but I was struggling with mobile operator issues and a few gsmctl commands helped me to figure out what was happening in my location. From the System > CLI (or router ssh) type:


Which returns signal stats about your current cell / band. And more usefully...


Which tells you what other cells / bands are being picked up by the router (but not connected) and signal stats. This might help you identify where interference is coming from?