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by anonymous

getting position in webs like google maps is not posible in wifi clients.

In the router webgui, I've switched on the GPS service. In the Map menu i can see the right position.

But the wifi clients can not

Any idea?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Whether GPS is enabled on the router itself, does not relate to the GPS reception on the client devices. Client devices can get location data by:

  • GPS capabilities of the mobile modem;
  • Distance from the cell tower estimate;
  • Triangulate it from nearby WIFi networks. 

Does this issue apply to every WiFi client, connected to the router or certain types of devices: laptops, smartphones?

Could you try tinkering with the settings of any of the devices: “forgetting” all the Wi-Fi networks, clearing the browser's cache and reconnect to the Wi-Fi? Do you have permissions to share/receive location data enabled in the client devices?

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for the advice, but it doesn't work.

i've tried with an IOS device (ipad) and a Windows Laptop. It doesn't work in any of them. With both devices, I can use mi location connected to others wifi networks or sharing the connection of my mobile phone. But when I try to get my position (for example in google maps) connected to the WIFI network of my RUTX11, it doesn't work.

Doesn't work etther to locate the router vía RMS. I can only use the location connected to the router, vía the map option in the webgui

by anonymous



Sorry for the delayed response.

For RMS - make sure the location monitoring is enabled by selecting the device in question on RMS and in the Management menu click the Set Monitoring Update Period. Enable the GPS monitoring and specify how often should the location be updated.

RMS uses multiple ways to determine the location of the device with the following priority:

  1. Manually set location on the RMS map;
  2. Device position obtained from GPS;
  3. Approximate location based on the nearby cell towers;
As for the location on the iPad and a Windows laptop, it's hard to say what could be causing the issue, but it's not related to the GPS position of the RUTX11. As Zygimantas mentioned, the devices obtain the location from the nearby WiFi networks, public IP address, and nearby cell towers. It may be that the client devices simply do not have enough information to determine their location.


Best regards,