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by anonymous

from one day to the next the router doesnt get a mobile connection.

Troubleshooting file attached

Several modem reboots, latest firmware, mobile connection restarts.....nothing worked.

Any idea?

1 Answer

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by anonymous



I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues.

Indeed, from looking at the logs it seems like the modem cannot establish a mobile connection. There are a few troubleshooting steps I would like you to try:

  • Set the APN manually. It may be that you are trying to connect to the carrier using the wrong APN. APN to use can be found on your carrier website or by contacting them directly. In the RUTX50, to set the APN manually, navigate to Network → Interfaces → General and press the pencil icon on the mob1s1a1 interface. Once the configuration page opens up, disable the Auto APN option and in the Custom APN field enter the APN provided by the carrier;
  • Disable the n28 5G band. This can be done by navigating to Network → Mobile → General. Select the network type as 4G + 5G, and Band selection as manual. Select all 4G bands and all 5G bands except n28.
  • Try if the SIM card connects to the network in another device (e.g. your mobile phone);
  • Try resetting the device to factory defaults by navigating to System → Backup;
Let me know if any of these steps help. If they do not, please generate another troubleshoot file with all of the changes applied. Thank you.


Best regards,