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by anonymous
Hello everyone,

we have purchased 64 RUT241 systems because we read that these systems allow dial connections over PPP. We are still quite inexperienced with Teletonika, but have now discovered during setup that apparently in the firmware RUT2M_R_00.07.02.7, PPP connections are no longer possible and a downgrade to version is required for this. Unfortunately, we are unable to downgrade because all systems report that the firmware is invalid. Does anyone have experience with this, as the systems are unfortunately of no use to us without the PPP connection.

Thank you very much, Stefan

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by anonymous


Thank you for the detailed information.

To start with, that is correct that RUT241 devices do NOT support older RUT240 Legacy firmware versions, which had PPP functionality support.

Nonetheless, functionality wise the current RUT241 data connection type is very similar to an older PPP approach and should allow the device to be used in the same situations as with PPP. I.e. data connection type (e.g. PPP) is a backend aspect, describing how a device is communicating with the cell tower.


Could you let me know slightly more details about your solution, in which you want to deploy RUT241 devices, and how these devices are intended to connect to the network?

Maybe you are simply concerned, that without a PPP connection type you will not be able to use devices in a private APN network, or have their mobile IP addresses close to one another? (If this is the case - you should not worry. Such solutions could be accomplished without legacy PPP connection)

by anonymous
Hello, thank you very much for your prompt response and email coming from no-reply.

We would be happy to provide details about the project. Is there a way to exchange this information via email?

We cannot discuss our client's application in a public forum due to security reasons.


by anonymous

You can write a private message to me over this platform. That would allow us to start a private conversation.

To further increase the confidentially of your future message (even if you will send it to me over a private message), take note that you can/should remove any private information, just as a custom name or its private information. I am only interested in the main technical aspect of how that particular network is set up, what role here a PPP connection type is doing, and if it is indeed a mandatory aspect.