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by anonymous

I can not generate a WebUI link to my RUT241 router in RMS. The RMS windows says "WebUI is reachable", but when I hit the "Generate" button, I get prompted "Timeout." with no further information. I am able to generate CLI link, but when logging in by ssh I receive error message "Error: Authentication failed. Connection is not active anymore. Connection Reset By Peer". (I am sure I am using the correct credentials).

The router is online and sending metrics, and I am able to reboot, update firmware and to password management etc.

I have tried:
* Rebooting
* Updating firmware to latest (RUT2M_R_00.07.04.2)
* Accessing RMS in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
* Using Browser Incognito mode

Best regards

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by anonymous



I will ask you to generate a troubleshoot file from the device. On RMS, this can be done by selecting the device and in the Actions drop-down menu selecting the Export troubleshoot option. This file can be attached to the original question and will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.

From the information available now, I believe you have accidentally locked yourself out by entering the incorrect credentials, and the IP block service blocks the IP address.

One way you should be able to access the device is by generating the remote access link to the router itself. On RMS, navigate to RMS Connect → Remote access. Press the +Add button, and select the device in question. Select the IP address of the router ( by default) and select the 80 or 443 port. Try accessing the link and check if the router is accessible.


Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Great! I was able to log in using the described method. I removed the blocked IPs from the list, and am now able to generate WebUI link and log in.

I attached the troubleshooting file as well, in any case you need to look at it.

by anonymous
No need in this case, glad I could help!


Best regards,