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by anonymous

TRB 140 unable to connect with browser on ip adress

I performed several resets, <5s and >12s.

the device seems to work perfectly, lights blink according to manual, I also see the level of connection on the 4G network.

the browser returns no results on that ip adress, the site can't be reached, too long to respond.

after performing a lan scan it detects

- ipvs local 

- mac address 

- but no IP

on the mac hardware USB tree it is visible as TRB14X

I added the trb to the RMS but no active connection after refresh.. 

micro usb cable and utp were connected. 

how could I proceed.. thx

1 Answer

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by anonymous



Could you clarify if the TRB assigns an IP address to the PC you are connecting it to? If so, what IP address does it assign?

Could you try connecting to the device using SSH (applications like PuTTY)?

If you are able to log in using SSH, please try factory resetting the device using the command firstboot and then rebooting using the command reboot.


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