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by anonymous

I am having trouble configuring NAT on my Teltonika router to redirect traffic from a "guest" interface to the LAN interface. I have tried both setting up a route and using NAT rules, but I am still unable to get the desired routing behavior.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish: when someone on the "guest" interface tries to connect to IP address, I want the traffic to be redirected to IP address on the LAN interface.

I have followed the instructions provided by the Teltonika documentation, but I am still experiencing issues. Can someone please assist me with configuring NAT on my router to achieve this routing behavior?

Thank you for your help.

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by anonymous


It seems that you need a port-forwarding rule. You can configure a port-forwarding rule so that when packets with a destination IP of are received on the router, they are forwarded to the IP on the LAN network.

You can configure a port-forwarding rule in Network -> Firewall -> Port Forwards. Add a new rule and give it a name. The name does not really matter and is used for management purposes only.

It is a bit unclear what you mean by the 'guest interface', but assuming that this is a VLAN or a wireless network with a different firewall zone, the port-forwarding rule may look like the following:

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