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by anonymous
I've got two RUT240's here that worked briefly and then have now mysteriously stopped booting. The only signs of life that I see is the power LED, and the faint LED under the LAN port. No status LEDs, no wifi, and no sign of life over an ethernet connection to my PC. Pressing the reset button doesn't do anything, I've tried short presses plus long presses >30sec.

These are part of an assembly line where 8 other RUT240's were installed on identical devices and have not shown any issues. Both of these broken RUT240's failed while connected to the same hardware (the first one failed after working for a while, then I swapped it for the second one which also worked for a while before also failing while connected to the same power supply etc.). I've checked that the power supply isn't wired in reverse. It's being fed ~14V from a LiFePo4 battery.

Is there anything I can do to work out what happened here? I'd like to recover these two but most importantly I'd like to work out what happened before I plug a third one into this same hardware.

One of the broken RUT240's is HW RUT2x0_10.1 and the other is RUT2xx V11.3

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by anonymous


This indeed does sound like a hardware failure. If only the PWR LED lights up, the CPU will likely be fried.

It's hard to say what could be the cause of the issue, however, it seems to be operating environment-related. Perhaps you could specify what conditions are around the assembly line? Is there anything else plugged into the battery? Perhaps power spikes could be causing this?

I would recommend making sure everything is well grounded in the location that the RUT240 is installed in, make sure the antenna is not touching any external parts, and perhaps try using a different battery/PSU.

Let me know if any further information is needed.


Best regards,