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by anonymous

I have configured a VPN between my main firewall and a remote RUTX09 over 4G. The connection is good and I am happy with this. I need all traffic from the lan to traverse the VPN including the internet traffic. When I leave the encryption domains blank I get no traffic flow. If I use on the encryption domains as soon as I enable the VPN remotely both internal and external interfaces get locked out as their IP addresses fall within the range.

How can I route everything from LAN side over the VPN and keep the VPN established

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It seems that you want to route all traffic via IPSec.

To accomplish this, there are two options you can consider:

  • Enable the "Default Route" option in the IPSec settings. This will direct all traffic through the IPSec tunnel by default.

  • Set the remote network to and select your LAN interface as a passthrough interface in the IPSec advanced settings (under connection settings). This will ensure that all traffic is routed through the IPSec tunnel but will make the device accessible via the LAN interface.

Let me know if these suggestions resolve your issue.

Kind Regards,