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by anonymous
Hello community.

There is next issue: Sometimes when I switch on power of TRB245 I cannot get access to WebUI of this device (but via LAN access to UI is available). And I see 2G/3G/4G are blinking at the same time. According to documentation it means no SIM detected or bad PIN (this code of SIM card is set correctly in SIM settings). There is one strange moment: when I after this reboot TRB245 (switch power off and then on) access to WebUI is available via LTE and LAN and works correctly. So, I assume SIM card is not broken and internet access is available form it.

One more moment: This issue happens when I power on TRB245 for first time (it was switched off at least during last 2-3 hours). In INTERNAL MODEM section I see next status:  Data Connection - disconnected, State - Not registered, Sim Card Info - CIM1.

What is a reason of that issue? Is that related to CIM card or TRB245 settings?

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by anonymous



Could you please clarify the following sentence: "I cannot get access to the WebUI of this device (but via LAN access to the UI is available)."

Are you able to access the WebUI when connected to the device via LAN? Perhaps you meant that you cannot connect to the WebUI remotely (which would be understandable since there is no internet connectivity).

Is it correct for me to assume that the issue is related to mobile connectivity?


To help diagnose the issue, please replicate this issue. Wait for ~5 minutes after rebooting to allow the device some time to attempt establishing mobile connectivity, and then download a troubleshoot file.

In case you are unable to access the WebUI when the issue is present, then you will need to save the logs in the flash memory. To save the logs in the flash memory, navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and change logging settings to save logs in flash memory -> save & apply. Saving logs into flash memory ensures that the logs are retained even after the device is rebooted. 


So, when logging is set to the flash memory and you experience the issue again, simply restart the device and download a troubleshoot file. Attach the file by editing your question. The attached files are only visible to Teltonika moderators. The troubleshoot file may provide insight into the issue you are experiencing. 


Kind Regards,