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I am trying to set the mobile configuration for my simcard via JSON-RPC. The router firmware is RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.6 and when I check for new firmware versions, I don't get any. The problem is that every time I insert the SIM card, the router stops working, I can't access the graphical interface, I can't start a session via JSON-RPC, it stops giving IP to my PC, which is where I'm connected, and so on. The only way I can reconnect is to remove the SIM card and reboot the router from its physical button. This problem happens to me in any situation, whether the router is switched off, switched on, with the factory settings or if I have made any modifications, the moment I insert the SIM card, it stops working.

The configuration, even if you are using JSON-RPC, at the end you send commands through the CLI console, so I add the commands that I am modifying in the mobile configuration of the SIM card:

  • uci set simcard.sim1.method = nat
  • uci set simcard.sim1.auto_apn = 0
  • uci set simcard.sim1.force_apn = -1
  • uci set simcard.sim1.apn = <apn>
  • uci set simcard.sim1.auth_mode = pap
  • uci set simcard.sim1.username = <username>
  • uci set simcard.sim1.password = <password>
  • uci set simcard.sim1.roaming = 0

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by anonymous


Firstly, please update the firmware manually by downloading it from here and uploading it via WebUI.

After you have completed the firmware update, please check if the device is working properly with a SIM card. If any configuration changes are needed, try making them via the WebUI first to ensure everything is functioning correctly. If further changes are necessary, you can use UCI.

If any issues arise, please provide a troubleshoot file. Since you lose access to the device and need to restart it to regain access, you will need to save the logs in the flash memory. To save the logs in the flash memory, navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and change logging settings to save logs in flash memory. Don't forget to save and apply the changes. Afterwards, insert the SIM card and wait for 3-5 minutes to allow the router to establish a mobile connection. If you still cannot connect, restart the router to regain access, log in to the router, and download the troubleshoot file. Once the file has been downloaded, you can change the settings back to save the logs in RAM memory. Please attach the troubleshoot file by editing your question. The attached files are only visible to Teltonika moderators.

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by anonymous
After upgrading to the new firmware version RUT2_R_00.07.04.2 everything worked correctly. I kept all the settings, and as soon as the update was finished, the SIM card was detected and an APN connection was established.

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