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by anonymous
The router is useless to us as we can't do video calls reliably due to the drop-outs. How do I fix this?

I have read elsewhere that an update to the modem may fix this, but the router software is saying "No update available" and I can't find where to get the firmware online or how to do the update manually.

Firmware version - RUTX_R_00.07.04.2
Firmware build date - 2023-04-14 23:47:16
Internal modem firmware version - EG12EAPAR01A09M4G_01.001.01.001
Kernel version - 5.4.229
Firmware version - Newest version installed on the device
Internal modem - No update available

How often it is happening:

546     2023-04-28 13:01:47     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
543     2023-04-28 13:01:44     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
542     2023-04-28 13:01:39     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
525     2023-04-27 14:13:44     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
522     2023-04-27 14:13:41     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
521     2023-04-27 14:13:37     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
517     2023-04-27 13:44:14     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
514     2023-04-27 13:44:10     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
513     2023-04-27 13:44:06     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
487     2023-04-27 13:01:36     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
484     2023-04-27 13:01:33     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
483     2023-04-27 12:59:40     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
480     2023-04-27 09:12:05     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
477     2023-04-27 09:12:02     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
476     2023-04-27 09:11:17     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
475     2023-04-27 09:10:07     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
472     2023-04-27 09:09:40     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
470     2023-04-27 09:09:36     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
458     2023-04-26 20:30:36     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
455     2023-04-26 20:30:33     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
454     2023-04-26 20:30:27     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
436     2023-04-25 20:29:56     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
433     2023-04-25 20:29:53     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
432     2023-04-25 20:29:47     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
414     2023-04-24 20:29:35     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)

Logs around the time it happens:

307     2023-04-25 22:28:29     WiFi     RUT_2DCE_2G: WiFi client disconnected: C8:09:A8:F8:3C:25
436     2023-04-25 20:29:56     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
437     2023-04-25 20:29:56     Network Type     Joined LTE network (internal modem)
438     2023-04-25 20:29:56     Network Operator     Connected to YES OPTUS YES OPTUS operator (internal modem)
433     2023-04-25 20:29:53     Mobile Data     Mobile data connected (internal modem)
434     2023-04-25 20:29:53     Network Type     Joined LTE network (internal modem)
435     2023-04-25 20:29:53     Network Operator     Connected to YES OPTUS YES OPTUS operator (internal modem)
432     2023-04-25 20:29:47     Mobile Data     Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
306     2023-04-25 20:08:27     WiFi     RUT_2DCE_2G: WiFi client connected: C8:09:A8:F8:3C:25

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by anonymous



Before looking at the modem updater, I would like to see if there are any other potential causes for these issues.


Was the connectivity stable before? 


If the issue appeared after a firmware update, please try restoring the device to factory defaults to see if the connection stabilizes.


Also, make sure to check the signal strength and quality in Status -> Network -> Mobile. Compare these values with the recommended values found here. If the signal is weak, consider repositioning the router and ensuring all external antennas are properly attached.


Should the issue continue, please provide a troubleshoot file. Make sure the router has been in use for some time, and generate the troubleshoot file after you encounter the issue again. This will help the logs offer more insight into the problem. You can download a troubleshoot file from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot. Please attach this file by editing your question.


Kind Regards,


by anonymous

I have uploaded the file

The signal strength is consistent

Can you please provide the modem firmware and update instructions as I asked?
by anonymous

I will send you a private message.

Kind Regards,