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by anonymous
Hello, I am a mid 70's man with not a lot of techy knowledge of connections/configeration etc. My problem is that having installed a data SIM card to my RUTX11 in the UK as per the quick start guide, it was/is working well. On reaching Spain I purchased another a a back-up/second card but when I install it, the RUTX11 advises no internet and does not lock on to either card.

Can you explain in simple lay-man terms what I need to do to get this second card to work with or instead of the first one please? I'm guessing there is some sort of configeration to do but I find the technical sections on your website hard to understand. I have already entered the PIN for the new card.

Thanks for any help you can supply

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Roy,

By default, RUTX11 is using Sim card slot 1 since it only has one modem inside (meaning only 1 sim at a time is active) but the other 1 can be configured as a failover backup which is the one you're trying to configure. (RUTX11 Failover)

Are you putting the newly bought sim on Spain on the Sim card slot 2?
If yes, then you need to configure the router to use Sim 2 as default to use the 2nd sim.
To do this kindly follow the following:

  1. Login to the WebUI of your Router.
  2. Navigate to Network -> Mobile -> General.
  3. Select the SIM2 tab and enable the Default Sim to use it as the primary sim card.
  4. Enter the SIM PIN.
  5. Click Save & Apply.

Refer to the screenshot below.

Note that you can just insert the new sim card that you bought into the Sim1 slot if you don't want to do extra configuration.

Another possible reason as well for your issue is that your primary sim card might not have the supported bands in Spain. Since you've mentioned that you configure it back in the UK. You can try to use the sim card that you bought on Spain and follow the mentioned configuration above, or just put it on the Sim 1 card slot. 

Lastly, you can try locking the LTE bands as well in case the mentioned above configuration didn't work. We have a great youtube tutorial on this one for you to refer to: How to Lock LTE Bands

Hope this helps, Let me know the results :)

Best regards,


by anonymous
Firstly, thankyou for your prompt reply Robert.

Both the DIGI and Vodaphone sim cards purchased locally are 140Mb phone cards. As you advised I inserted both of these sim cards into slot #1 in rotation and re-booted the RUTX11. They both manage to communicate but  the LED's for 3g and 4g blink continuously and simultaneously and the booting process appears to freeze. At that point I am informed there there is a connection but no internet is available. When I return the UK data sim card to slot #1 all is OK.

I feel there is something I am missing here but at a loss to determine what it is

Hello again Robert,

I have attempted the fixes you suggest without any success.
Both cards have roaming capability
Deny data roamimg is off on both cards
The Sim Operator reads N/A while the Operator State reads "searching"
The EE sim card I am using is presently working with Orange very well.
Is there someone I can call to talk me through this issue?
Kind Regards
by anonymous

Hello Roy,

Are you using these sim cards for data roaming?
Are you having roaming data for these sim cards?

Also, you can check in your router's sim card settings if "Deny data roaming" is off. Kindly refer to this link to see how you can view this setting.

Lastly, check the DIGI and Vodafone sim card APN settings and try to configure it on your router. Navigate Network > Interfaces > Your mobile interface and uncheck Auto APN slider, put custom APN phrase that your operator provides.

Best regards,