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by anonymous
Hello, is it possible to operate the Rut360 with the 12V adapter TELTONIKA 058R?

Is it enough to connect the two cables (red and black) or what are the other two connectors (green and white) for?

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by anonymous



Assuming you are referring to the product here, then yes, you can use it to power RUT360. If you visit the product page and scroll down, you can see the device models that this power cable is compatible with.


Keep in mind that RUT360 can be powered by a 9-30 VDC power supply unit (PSU). Thus, ensure that the voltage is within these limits. Also, while the device accepts an input voltage of up to 30 VDC peaks, high-voltage power supplies can harm the device. 


I suggest you take a look at the datasheet of this cable on the page I have provided, as well as the information about the RUT360 powering options here.


Power (red wire) and ground (black wire) are necessary. The input/output (green and white wires) can be omitted.


Kind Regards,