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by anonymous

I am currently in a remote area (of Australia) where there is an LTE small cell 700MHz service less than 100m from me. The next nearest service from my carrier (Telstra Australia) is another small cell LTE 700MHz 6 km away. Another carrier (Optus) has a small cell LTE 700MHz and 3G 850MHz service here. I have checked the map and there does not appear to be any other services less than 20km from here.

I cannot get the RUT950 to connect. Despite the RSSI/RTSP/RTSQ/SINR not being in the "red" zone, Data connection state is Disconnected. Although the RUT950 reports RTSP and SINR as being poor, my iPhone 11 gets 50 megabits per second download using Speedtest. 

 I previously had limited success with firmware 7.3.3. Since I upgraded it to 7.4.2 I have not had any connections.

Router is RUT950M02XXX. Modem is Quectel EC25-AU with EC25AUFAR06A03M4G_01.001.01.001 firmware.

Screen shot of Status/Mobile and trouble-shooting files are attached.

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by anonymous


Thank you for providing information and a troubleshoot file.

From the troubleshoot file, it seems that both mobile interfaces are simply disabled. Could you please access your device via WebUI, navigate to Network -> Interfaces -> General and enable mob1s1a1 interface?

Please, let me know if this resolved your issue. If not, please make sure that the interface is enabled and generate a new troubleshoot file.

Kind Regards,


Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks Andzej,

It is now connected and Speedtest reports 25 Mbits/sec. (Interestingly, RUT950 is reporting SINR between -1 and 1 even though I get that throughput.)

I recently upgraded the firmware from 7.3.3 to 7.4.2, downgraded to 7.3.3 then upgraded to 7.4.2. I wonder if the mobile interface(s) got disabled in the process, perhaps during the downgrade because it did not preserve settings.

Thanks again!