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by anonymous
A couple of the RUT950s that we have are running the latest legacy OS (6.09.2), and I cant find the IO settings area anywhere. I've checked all the sections, including the Services, and its simply not there. I then checked the website to make sure the 950 has IO, and the online manuals for either version of the OS confirm that the 950 has IO, but I just cant see it anywhere. I then tried upgrading to the 7 version of OS and got an error "This devices provisioning doesnt allow it to be upgraded to RUT9_R_00_07.00 firmware or later".

So are there some versions of the RUT950 that dont have IO??? That would be strange when even the tiny RUT240 has IO, but who knows...I'm baffled. If it helps, the Device page shows the product code is "RUT950M01XXX', batch number 0051, and hardware version 1307.

Thanks for the advice.

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by anonymous


Yes, the very first hardware versions did not have I/O on the 4pin block, it only came later on.

Seeing as you receive the message that the device cannot be updated and from the product order code: RUT950M01XXX.

The part 01 in order code indicates, that is is a pre facelift design and it did not contain the I/O, it only came from the time, the devices had 03 instead on 01 in the order code