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by anonymous
Hey I am new here, so please dont be to hard on me ;-)

At first i tried the standard Tmobile 4G reouter I got (no external antenna - thats why I bought the RUTX11). This Modem aggregated B1 & B3 - workes perfect as long as the Modem is on my balcony or the window is open.

When I connect with the RUTX11, I can go with B1 OR B3, not both of them at the same time (if I allow B1 & B3 it goes with B3 only) If I add up the speed of both Bands, I get more or less the same as with the original tmobile modem.

Is there a way to force dualband? maybe something with SHH ?

Thank you so much for your Help!

I am using latest firmware -> RUTX_R00.07.04.2

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The Quectel's EG06 modem used in RUTX11 does not aggregate B1 + B3. You can find this information in the Quectel's documentation here.

Generally, Carrier Aggregation is also controlled by the service provider and depends on many other factors. One of the factors is the traffic.

For example, when testing carrier aggregation, you can run a speedtest and while the speedtest is running, check if the device aggregates bands.

If you device is stationary, you can consider locking to a single cell. You can find more information here.

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