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by anonymous

I am unable to view the wiki site from my new Windows 11 machine in either Edge or Firefox. Fortunately it works on my Windows 10 machine.

MS Edge screen capture

I've tried everything I can think of including disabling AVG.

Any ideas?

Update: May 5th 2023
Disabling IPV6 in Firefox or Edge did not "fix" the issue.

by anonymous
I don't think it is a certificate problem, as no certificated is being served, in fact nothing is being sent back in response to the request as far as I can see!

The website is knackered!

Same with the Help Desk, so basically no support from Teltonika, wish I hadn't bought one now, no support and no manual!
by anonymous

This is what Firefox come up with:

Firefox's try ...

Interestingly, again on the same new Windows 11 machine, Chrome works fine.

by anonymous
This seems to be an IPv6 only issue, the website works fine when using IPv4.
by anonymous
I am IPv4 only,, says IPv6 Not found.

The Vivaldi browser does work for me though, Chrome, Opera, Edge and Firefox say no.

It may well be a certificate issue, perhaps something now considered insecure by some browsers, although via Vivaldi it looks to be a valid certificate from Let's Encrypt, and I cannot see any obvious difference between that and another site with a Let's Encrypt cert.
by anonymous
Humm works for me for chrome brave firefox from a IPv4 only site. On a site with IPv4 + IPv6 chrome fails firefox and brave succeed. Same PC in both cases (running Fedora 38).

Go figure!

Edit: this may be related to the MTU of one interface / IP fragmentation - defragmentation somewhere in the path. Have you seen a similar behavior when using other websites ?

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by anonymous
Don't know the reason