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by anonymous
Hello. I have a Teltonika TRB140 device. I have a question regarding the internet connection. Can I connect an ethernet cable from my Internet provider to the Teltonika device, and the device will use that internet connection? Or the ethernet port is for the internet connection from the sim card inside the device?

If the ethernet is for the internet connection from the sim card, can you tell me which products from Teltonika allow external internet ethernet connection that give internet to the device and allow the communication of the device with the internet from that external internet source.

Thank you.

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by anonymous

Not really, the eth port on the TRB140 is meant to give out internet not receive it.

It could be set up to work as a WAN port, but then you would lose the LAN port and only the USB cable will be used as the LAN side of the network, this is highly unrecommended.

As for a device, that would be suiteable for your application would be RUT2 series, so RUT200 241 and 240 (240 is EoL)

These have 2 eth ports, one for LAN and one for WAN aside, also have WiFi support.

If no sims or WiFi is needed, you could go RUT300 or RUTX08
by anonymous

Thank you for your prompt response. I would like to use the TRB140 (or any other model that allows it) for the following scenario. Please let me know if this is feasible. I would like to connect the Teltonika device to my router (so the internet from the router will be used by the Teltonika device). Then whenever I receive an SMS to my Teltonika device, this SMS will be sent via HTTP, POST to a website where my messages are stored. Then from my website, if I want to reply to this SMS, I could send an SMS reply that will be sent to the Teltonika device on the internet, and the Teltonika device will send the SMS to the number specified in the reply. I'm not an expert programmer, but I hope this description is clear. Please let me know if this is possible with the TRB140 (or tell me what model can do that). Also, please let me know if my router has to have a static IP in order for the website to be able to send the reply to the Teltonika device.

Thank you.

by anonymous

I see, then you can for sure change the port for LAN to WAN no problems based on your usecase.

We have a tutorial here for standard devices but I think it should work for TRB140 as well.

There is also this extra tutorial written for TRB2 which you might find usefull:

Attaching few pictures for you how to configure WAN Failover on TRB2. Steps would be:

  • Enable HTTP and SSH access to your TRB2 device (for testing purposes, if you would need to connect to device's SSH)
  • Insert SIM card in the device and enter APN if necessary. Make sure that mobile connection is working.
  • Arrange remote access to the device, either through Public Mobile IP address (if Public IP is acquired) or through RMS (for that, standard mobile connection will be enough. Register your device to RMS and wait for it to connect)
  • Connect to device remotely, since local access will stop working after performing below steps.


  • Switch device to "Advanced" configuration mode by pressing "Mode: Basic" button in top right corner
  • From "Network -> interfaces" menu create new interface with any desired name.
  • Configure newly created interface according to your needs. In this example DHCP protocol is used, but you can also use Static IP address.
  • From "Network -> interface" menu change "LAN" interface physical settings to "br-lan" interface.
  • From "Network -> Failover" menu enable WAN Failover end select desired interfaces.


That is it. Now if you would connect this TRB2 to other other router, from "Network -> interfaces" menu you should see, that its newly created interface became active. From same menu you can arrange interfaces in desired order from TOP to BOTTOM, depending which interface should be considered as primary. For testing purposes, move "Wired WAN" to the TOP.

Once that is done, you would be able to remove/connected Ethernet cable to simulate Wired internet connection downtime. Just take note, that switching between interfaces might interrupt your remote connectivity session. Therefore you might need to connect to device again, just through another interface.


to access the router you will able be able to use the USB port, so no big problems. This includes failover but you will not need that.

To send messages from router to HTTP server:

by anonymous
Thank you so much.