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by anonymous


I would like to ask is it is possible to send SMS with value from modbus register.

I was able to make Modbus Alarm SMS (with static message) running very well, but i would like to send SMS wich contains specific value from Modbus.

My main goal is to trigger alarm message, by changing value of specific modbus register (this is possible to do without problem), but the SMS will contain values from different register/s - Fuel Level, Coolant Temperature, and etc.

For exaple: one register used for perodical status message sending, slave changes value of one register from 0 to 1, RUT955 reads values from multiple registers, puts them in SMS wich might look like this:

Generator ABC1234
Fuel Level - *register 1 value*
Coolant Temperature - *register 2 value*
Alarm L1 - *register 3 value*
Alarm L2 - *register 4 value*
Run Hours - *register 5 value*

Thank you for for help.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Currently, sadly no, we have this feature in our roadmap for maybe 7.6 FW release, emphasis on maybe
by anonymous
Thank you very much for your answer.

Looking forward to new FW release.

Best regards,

Pavel B.