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by anonymous

I have a question about the SMS Gateway Feature of the Teltonika RUT955

Product: RUT955
Firmware: RUT9_R_00.07.01.2

We are using the RUT955 SMS Gateway with HTTP(S) POST/GET commands.
While sending a SMS to a number we got a response with 'wrong number'.

After trying to send a SMS again to the same number, the gateway sends the SMS correctly.

Where does this response 'wrong number' come from? The provider or the Teltonika itself?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please try to update to the latest FW 7.4.2 and check if the same issues persists, it will be hard for me to find if that specific fw had that specific issue since it's almost 2 years old
by anonymous
Dear Paulius,

This is not an answer to my question.
I would like to know where the 'wrong number' response comes from.

Are there any other known responses for the POST/GET SMS Gateway?
by anonymous
Are you using the format of +<country code><number> or 00 instead of +?
by anonymous

The number used started with 06.....   not +316........

Updating a firmware is always a great idea, but also a very bad idea in controlled environments. What Frans is asking, is there a list of ACK's and NACK's available? The older firmwares would only respond OK or NOT-OK, the firmware 7.01.2 added the code that the message was split into multiple messages when using rich-text or more than 160 characters. Now we have 1 system that shows the WRONG NUMBER message.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can provide us with the full list of responses concerning SMS in the Teltonika.

Thank you, kind regards, Wybren